The Faculty of Medicine reaffirms its ongoing commitment to providing, promoting and maintaining a professional and respectful working and learning environment. The Faculty is committed to monitoring the learning environment by communicating regularly with hospitals and other instructional sites to identify positive and negative influences on maintaining professional standards and to develop appropriate strategies to enhance the learning environment.

The Faculty has long since recognized the importance of professionalism in medicine and that it is both taught and modelled. Therefore the Faculty reaffirms its commitment to recognizing and promoting positive professional role models. The Faculty also recognizes that unprofessional behaviour is disruptive and can interfere with the quality of medical education and research as well as patient care and the proper functioning of the learning environment.

To fulfill its commitment, the Faculty provides this reporting form to be used not only to report unprofessional conduct but also to tell us about someone deserving of accolades. Your report can be submitted anonymously if you wish. Once your report has been received, it will be followed up according to the status of the other party (the respondent). For example, if the respondent is a medical student, the report goes to UGME; if the respondent is a resident, the report goes to PGME; if the respondent is a faculty member, the report goes to Professional Affairs at the Faculty of Medicine.

There are many resources available to you to help you determine whether you have experienced an incident of unprofessional conduct or mistreatment. They include the University’s Office for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment as well as other resources within the Faculty of Medicine.